What Storify Adds to a Story: The Ottawa Shooting

Storify is a great way to make a story more interactive. Storify is an online application that enables one to directly access Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google, and many more social media sites and search engines.

Traditional news stories typically include a picture or even a video that helps the reader visualize the event. However, Storify allows journalists to embed material that will contribute to their stories, like tweets, easily and efficiently. Storify contains a search box where users can type in what material they want to include in their stories. For instance, users can directly search tweets by typing in hashtags, usernames, selecting whether they want results to include RTs, and the option to limit their results to a certain number of kilometers.

In regards to the Ottawa Shooting, Storify allowed me to access up-to-date information on the event as it unfolded. It allowed me to directly embed tweets that were time-stamped. Therefore, I was able to create a timeline of events. I also used Storify to embed tweets of people’s reactions, which made the story much more personal since it brought in a citizen perspective as opposed to a purely journalistic one. Furthermore, I was also able to include YouTube videos of the police takedown, the Prime Minister’s address to the nation, and the Pittsburgh Penguins tribute, along with Instagram photos of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo.

All in all, Storify adds a whole new visual and emotional dimension to the story.

 Storify 1


Storify 2

Storify 3

Storify 4

Storify 5

Storify 6

Storify 7

Storify 8

Storify 9

Storify 10

Storify 11

Storify 12



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